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                                                            Jon, Rayne, and Talus all caught their first fish on Benoit Lake!  Good Job to all of you!  August, 2023
Bryan A. with a bass from a Burnett County Lake, June 2023. Bob W. with a trophy crappie that he caught from the dock and then released.  May, 2023.
Bob N and Dave C with a bass, near Spooner, Wisconsin, June 2023 Jack N and Dave C with a double on bass, Burnett County, WI, June 2023
Richie and Tommy caught this fine bass in June 2023, Burnett County, Wisconsin. Janet and Judy with bluegills, Rainbow Bay Resort, Benoit Lake, Burnett County, Wisconsin, June 2023
This 16-inch bass took a shiner on a tip-up, January 14, 2023. Stan Z caught and released this bass on a Burnett County Lake.
Bryan A. and I caught these fish on a Burnett County lake, January 14, 2023.         Catch from a Burnett County Lake, December 28, 2022.
Jake and I caught and released this pike from a Burnett County lake, December 28, 2022. I caught and released this 26-inch pike on a nearby lake, January 14, 2023.


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