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Deanna V. with a nice pike from Benoit, May 2007. Deanna Vota with a nice pike she caught and released on Benoit Lake.
Doug with a great bass from Benoit Lake, spring 2006. Ted J. with 4 nice bass from Benoit Lake, spring 2007.
Kyler and Gary T with a Benoit bowfin.  They are great to catch, especially for young anglers, summer 2006. Gary and Kyler T. with a nice pair of fish, summer 2006.
Niece Natalie J. with a nice pumpkinseed she caught.  At the time it was the resort record. Lynn and Mike Helgeland with a nice bowfin she caught on our lake.  At the time, this was the record bowfin for our resort.
Kent Bass, fish biologist with the DNR, prepares to release a 26 inch walleye shocked in Benoit, fall 2006. My neighbors in the fourth of July boat parade on our lake, 2006.
The Jackson boys with a 44 inch musky Randy caught on an area lake, August 2006. Trent J. got this 32 inch pike on a nearby lake, August, 2006.
My cousin, George, and I hit a double on these 17-inch bass.  We released them both into Benoit Lake.  September 30, 2007. Chris took his 30 inch pike to the taxidermist.  It was the biggest fish of his young life!  Good job Chris.
Ben got this nice gill in spring of 2007.  What a great day for this Dad. Ben with a 9 inch pumpkinseed he caught and released on Benoit Lake in May 19, 2007.  It was the resort record for more than 2 years.
That's me, Dave C, with a 39.5 inch musky caught and released on Benoit Lake, June 21, 2007.  At the time, this was the resort-record.
In case you were unsure, these are mallards and not bass.  And that is me.  I harvested this pair of greenheads not far from the resort, fall 2006. I had a good morning, taking these ringnecks, woodies, and mallard on a nearby lake.


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