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Matt B. caught this fine 26 inch northern pike on Benoit Lake on July 27, 2009. Walker P. with Grandpa Jim N. and a nice 18-inch largemouth bass they caught and released on Benoit Lake, July 19, 2009.
Jake C. caught and released this nice 20 inch bass on Benoit Lake on June 25.  Friends, Megan (seated) and Lora helped land the beauty. Jake caught this bass on Benoit Lake using a soft plastic bait, September 2009
Savannah B. caught and released this chunky 20 inch largemouth while fishing on Benoit Lake on June 23.  She was using a crank bait.  Her friend, Halen V., appreciates the catch.
Megan M. with a nice bass she caught on a nearby lake.  Photo by Scott, her father. Nate Gassen with a 9.5 inch, resort-record pumpkinseed that he caught on May 26, 2009.
Dave, Zac, and Ben with 21 crappies they caught on fine May afternoon. Dallas K. with a beautifuly crappie caught on a minnow in our bay, mid-July, 2009.
Dave C. with a 34 inch musky he caught and released on Benoit Lake, May 24, 2009. That's me preparing the 34 inch musky for release.  After about 5 minutes of swishing in the water it swam off nicely.
Amber S. with a 32-inch northern pike she caught in Rainbow Bay of Benoit Lake, February, 2008. Amber and Rick S. with a 30-inch pike from Rainbow Bay of Benoit Lake, February, 2008.
Bryan A. with a 27-inch pike from a nearby lake, February 2008. Bryan with a nice crappie from an area lake, February 2008.
A bucket of bluegills caught on Rice Lake, February 2008.  Photo by Bryan A. Martin and Deanna V. with 19 and 16 inch bass they caught and released on Benoit Lake, May 2008.
My Uncle John and I had fun catching bluegills on fly rods.  We used the fresh caught gills for our family reunion fish fry.  Yum! George N., my cousin, with a nice 18-inch largemouth he caught and released on Benoit Lake, June 2008.
Carolyn B with a basket full of Benoit crappies, spring 2008. Josh showed his dad, Dave, how to catch crappies, spring 2008.
Bernie Z. with a trophy 16.25 inch, 2 pound crappie that he caught on a nearby lake, June 2, 2008. That's me, Dave, with a 45-inch musky that I caught and released on Benoit Lake.  Don M. was net man and George N. was captain.  June 2008, Rainbow Bay Resort.  Photo by Karen M.
Deanna and Martin V with a beautiful 33 inch musky that Martin caught and released on Benoit Lake, June 26, 2008.  Deanna was the net person this time!  Of course they were guests at Rainbow Bay Resort. Deanna has a knack for catching pike.  She caught this pike on June 26, 2008, the same day Martin caught the musky.
Molly M. caught and released this bass on our main dock in August, 2008.  Grandpa Bob was there to help handle the situation.  Photo courtesy of Dave Metcalf. Jake K with a pair of black crappies he caught on Benoit Lake using tube jigs in about 14 feet of water.
Lora G. with a bluegill Megan K. caught on Benoit Lake.  Apparently Megan was afraid to touch the fish. Jake C. with a 16-inch bass he caught at Rainbow Bay Resort.  Megan K. was pleased that he released this fish.
George N. with and 18.5 inch bass caught and released at Benoit Lake, June, 2008. That's me, Dave, with a 19 and 1/8 inch bass I caught and released on Benoit Lake, June 2008.
Pem and Lisa J with a nice 44-inch musky that Lisa caught on a lake near us.  She could not revive the fish for release, and in the end took it to the taxidermist.  What a catch! Randy J. caught and released this beautiful musky in our bay in late-August, 2008.  He was using a surface plug.
Bryon and Minnie Vogel caught these fish on a nearby lake, September 2008. David and Bill Appleby with a nice northern pike and bass that they caught and released on Benoit Lake, September 2008.
Jim and Joe with a couple of nice bucks the "He-Men" harvested during the 2008 gun season.  


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