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Updated June 25, 2017

  • Bluegill and bass fishing have been pretty good on Benoit Lake this spring.  Crappie fishing was excellent went they were in the shallows and spawning; since then the bite has been sporadic.  Northern pike fishing has been fair. (June 25, 2017)
  • Several muskies around 22-inches have been caught and released this spring on Benoit.  These likely were "fingerlings" that were stocked by the DNR in fall of 2016. (June 25, 2017)
  • Fishing has been good on some of the other lakes in the area.  Dave B. caught an 8.25 pound, 34-inch pike on a nearby lake.  I caught and released 4 bass between 18.5 and 19 inches in the first 2 weeks of June. These bass were caught on plastic worms.  Last week on a different lake I caught a limit of bass that were 13-16 inches; these fish were taken on swim baits.  I also caught some good gills in 7 feet of water; these may have still been spawning. (June 25, 2017)

                              Dave B. with a 34-inch pike he and Carolyn caught on a nearby lake, June, 2017.
    Dave and Carolyn B. teamed up for this chunky 34-inch northern pike from a nearby lake.  It took a spinner bait in weeds.

                              My cousin, Jim P., and I with a 19-inch bass we caught and released at a nearby lake, June, 2017.
    My cousin, Jim, and I with a 19-incher from a nearby lake that we released.
                    I got these eater bass at a nearby lake, June, 2017.
    I got these eater bass at a nearby lake by tossing swim baits.
  • In early-June it was warm and clear.  Since then, we've had some cool weather and rain. (June 25, 2017)
  • The wild lupines on our property were spectacular in early-June.  Recently the Coreopsis have been splendid.  Other flowers in our restored prairies will soon be blooming. (June 25, 2017)

                           Wild lupines on a prairie area we restored at our resort, June, 2017.
    Wild lupines have an interesting flower and leaf.

                Tiger swallowtail butterfly feeding on a coreopsis on a restored prairie at Rainbow Bay Resort, June, 2017.
    This tiger swallowtail was at the Coreopsis all day.
  • The oxygen and temperature profile of Benoit Lake looked typical for this time of year.  Oxygen was adequate for fish down to a depth of about 27 feet. (June 20, 2017)

  • It is shaping up to be an early spring.  Robins returned on March 24 and Benoit Lake became ice-free on March 30.  Overall it was a mild winter and ice never got more than about 16 inches thick on Benoit Lake.  There has been no snow on the landscape for weeks.  We expect loons to return anytime now. (March 31)
  • Anglers are driving trucks on to many lakes.  However, we've had some mild temperatures the past several days and much of our snow has melted.  The panfish bite has has mostly been good lately. (Jan 23)
  • Recently we've had very cold weather and all lakes now are covered with ice.  Anglers have started ice fishing on some lakes.  On the morning of December 18 we dipped to -24oF.  More mild weather is in the 10-day forecast.
    Our weather data from the morning of December 18 indicated a frigid minus 24 degrees.
  • Zebra mussels were discovered in Big McKenzie Lake in October, 2016.  Big McKenzie is only a few miles from Benoit Lake.  The 2 lakes are not directly connected.  Zebra mussels are an invasive species that can harm lake ecosystems.  We are concerned that these invaders are so close to our lake.  We encourage all boaters and anglers to be cautious when trailering boats between waters.  These boaters should always completely drain live wells, bait buckets, and lower units when departing a lake to help prevent the spread of zebra mussels and other aquatic invasive species.  It is typically impossible to rid a lake of an invasive species once it becomes established.  The DNR will be monitoring Big McKenzie and Middle McKenzie lakes for zebra mussels in 2017.  If you take your boat to either of these lakes, please be especially careful before launching your boat into Benoit Lake.  Thank you in advance for being extra careful!
  • Benoit Lake yielded some nice northern pike and one good musky in the fall.  Pictured below is Dave R. with a 43-inch musky and 32-inch pike that he caught and released.  I released the other pike, which I caught on a spinner bait at the deep weed line.
    Dave R. caught and released this handsome 43 inch musky in Benoit Lake, September, 2016.

                        Dave R. caught and released this nice northern Pike in our Bay, October, 2017.

                          I caught and released this pike in Benoit Lake in October, 2016.  The fish took a safety pin style spinner at the deep weed line.
  • I replaced the drain line from the fish cleaning house.  The old line had become clogged with scales. (September 2016)
  • These eater bass were taken on soft plastic baits one evening in August on Benoit Lake.  (August 2016)
    The bass came from Benoit Lake in August.
  • The bass and crappie fishing was pretty good in July.  Lots of eater crappies were caught in our bay on minnows and by trolling small jigs in water 11-14 feet deep.  The bass bite in late-July was excellent on soft plastics near the deep weed line.  Bob G. caught and released this 17.5 incher using a wacky-rigged worm.  Good job Bob!
    Dylan, Jackie, Peggy, and Dallas got these nice crappies in our bay using minnows under bobbers in early-July.  Good job gang! (August 1, 2016)
  • Dylan caught and released this chunky bowfin from our dock in early-July.  This bowfin is a male, as it has an eye spot near its tail.  Nice catch! (August 1, 2016)
  • Our prairie flowers are looking really nice this summer.  These black-eyed Susans were at their peak in mid-July.  Bergamots are blooming now and goldenrods and asters will be blooming in September.  (August 1, 2016)
  • I volunteer and monitor the temperature and dissolved oxygen profiles on Benoit Lake.  In late-July, we had good oxygen levels down to 15 feet.  Even at 20 feet there was about 2.0 ppm.  The thermocline was also around 15 feet deep.
  • A major storm struck northwestern Wisconsin on the evening of July 11.  We measured 6.5 inches of rain during the 6 hour storm.  Other nearby areas received over 10 inches of rain during the 6-hour storm.  Several roads to our north were damaged and 4 people were killed.  A large oak fell on our neighbors' house.  Fortunately at our resort we only suffered some damage to the driveway, which we immediately repaired.
  • A few bluegills remain on spawning beds, but the spawn is essentially over.  I expect that they will be found in deeper areas now.  (June 30, 2016)
  • Jake and I caught and released some nice fish at lakes in our area.  The bass was 20 inches and was taken on a stick worm rigged wacky style.  It was near cabbage weeds in 6 feet of water.   The pike was 30 inches and was caught on a large spinner bait in 11 feet of water. (June 30, 2016)
                                    Dave C. with a 20-inch bass from a Burnett County Lake, June, 2016.

                                    Jacob C. with a 30-inch pike from a nearby lake, June, 2016.
  • State law prohibits smoking in motel and tourism rooms statewide.  The law went into effect on July 5, 2010.  Smoking is still permitted outside.  We ask that our guests please respect this new law and also properly dispose of their butts.