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Dave Caithamer with a pair of nice largemouth bass from Benoit Lake, June 6, 2010.  The fish were 20 and 21.25 inches.  Cousin George was net-man.  Both fish were released. George and I released these bass into hot oil for our annual family reunion fish fry.  The bass were taken on plastic worms over weeds on Benoit Lake, June 12, 2011.
Dave B. caught and released this 34 + inch musky on Benoit Lake.  Carolyn B. took the photo.  Great catch! Dave B. with a nice 24 inch walleye from Benoit Lake.  Carolyn B was the photographer.  June 5, 2010.
Dave C. with a 32 inch northern pike he caught and release on May 31, 2010 in Benoit Lake.  The fish took a Thumper Tail spinner.  Jake C. is the photographer. Dave C with a 29 inch northern pike he caught on Benoit Lake, June 16, 2010.
Shawn and Ted caught some bass and crappies for the skillet, May, 2011. Jenn W. with a very nice crappie she caught on our dock, July 10, 2010.
I caught this 43.5 inch musky with the help of my son Jake.  It was caught on Benoit Lake on October 24.  We released the fish after photos. George Caithamer, my cousin, with a nice 23.5 inch walleye from an area lake, May 27, 2011.
Shawn W. caught this 21 inch walleye on Benoit Lake, May 26, 2011. Sarah B., Paul S., Ben C., and Jake C. with some 10-12 inch crappies from Benoit Lake, May 29, 2011.

Dave Broertjes caught and released this 52 inch musky on Benoit Lake, June 8, 2011.  His wife Carolyn netted the fish and took the photo.  Great job!

Martin and Deanna caught this beautiful 42.5-tiger musky on Benoit Lake, June 24, 2011.  They released the fish.


I caught this plump 19-inch bass on September 11.  It took a wooden plug over weeds in about 5 feet of water.  It was released.

Jake and I caught and released this 33-inch musky on Benoit on Sept 17.  It was in water about 6 feet deep and took a wooden plug. Jake and Dave teamed up to catch this 36 inch Benoit musky, which they released.  The fish took a spinner on a sunny day.
Deanna caught and released this 30 inch musky on Benoit using a Mepps spinner. Martin was also using a Mepps when he caught this chunky 30 inch musky on Benoit.
Kevin F. caught and released this 44.5 inch musky on Benoit on October 29.  Great job Kevin!
Jake caught and released this 26-inch pike on Benoit on Sept 17.  It took a Mepps spinner.  This is Jake's largest pike. Bryan A. caught his first musky on Benoit.  The 24-incher took a Mepps.  Congrats Bry!
Cousin George N. caught and released this 20.75 inch bass on a nearby lake, June 13, 2011. George Caithamer and his son George with 4 nice bass from an area lake, May 27, 2011.
Leonard C. caught and released this 36 inch musky on Benoit Lake, May 24.  He caught it on a soft plastic bait while bass fishing. Leonard C. caught this dandy 28.5 inch walleye on a nearby lake, May 24, 2011.


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