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I caught this 51-inch musky on Benoit Lake on May 27, 2012.  Bryan A. was the net-man.  We released the fish.  Photo credit: Jacob Caithamer.
I released the 51-inch Benoit Lake musky.  It swam off strongly and right to the bottom.  Photo credit: Jacob Caithamer.
Kailey, Landon, and Corbin enjoy the fishing from the dock at Rainbow Bay Resort on Benoit Lake, July 2012.
Bryan A. with a pair of bass caught on Benoit Lake, May 2012. Mike D. with a couple of nice bass from Benoit Lake, June 7, 2012.
Cousin George C with a nice largemouth from a nearby lake.  He and his son, Mark, were flippig soft plastic baits near docks. Cousin George C. with another nice bass.  He and his son, Mark, catch a lot of fish on soft plastic baits.
Ben C. and Jake K. caught these panfish using nightcrawler pieces and bobbers in water 4 feet deep; June 7, 2012. Wayne Crist caught this nice yellow perch on a beetle spin.  It was a windy and warm day.
George N. caught his first musky on June 11, 2012.  The fish took a spoon in the weeds. I caught this 31.5 inch northern pike using a surface plug.  I released the fish after photos.  June 12, 2012.
Dave and Donavan R. with a pair of nice pike caught in Rainbow Bay of Benoit Lake.  They were fishing over weeds.  Good job guys!  June 18, 2012. Dave R caught and released this bass on a nearby lake.  He was fishing along the deep weed line.  July 2, 2012.
I caught this 32-inch pike at a nearby lake, July 2, 2012.  I was using a white spinner bait over weeds. I caught this 10.25 inch bluegill on a nearby lake on September 16, 2012.  Ben and I were fishing with crawler chunks straight off the side of the boat in water 14 feet deep.  It is my personal best bluegill.



Ryan V. caught this pretty musky using a surface bait, Benoit Lake, September 23, 2012.

I was using a Bobbi Bait when I caught this 30-inch musky on a cool and breezy day.  Benoit Lake, September 23, 2012.

Jim A. with a pair of nice bass that he and his brother Dave caught on Rice Lake, June 2012.



This 28.5 inch pike took a Bobbi Bait over weeds on a breezy and cool day.  September 23, 2012. That's me with a 34-inch pike I caught and released on Benoit Lake.  The fish took a Thumper Tail, which was made by my friend Jim Stroede of Trego.  September 30, 2012.
I caught and released this 36-inch northern pike on Benoit Lake on October 14, 2012.  This fish ties a resort-record.  It was in water that was about 12 feet deep. I caught this mini bluegill in 38 feet of water on Benoit Lake, Sept 30, 2012.  The depth finder was lighting up; I was hoping for crappies.
Sarah and Aidan T. with a Benoit Bass
Rennie H. and Judy B. are all smiles after landing this nice bass one morning on Benoit Lake, July 2013. Dennis R. caught some nice bass on soft plastic baits, July 2013.
John C. caught and released this bass on Benoit Lake, July 2013. I caught and released this 32-inch pike on a spinner bait on Benoit Lake.  September 15, 2013.
Mark C. with a pair of dandy bass from a nearby lake, October 4, 2013. George C. with a nice bass from a nearby lake.  May 25, 2013.
Martin V. with a very handsome musky from Benoit Lake, June 20, 2013. Tyson C. with a Benoit Lake musky that was caught and released.  It took a spinner in shallow water.  June 17, 2013.
Mike and Tina D with a variety of nice eating fish, Benoit Lake, June 2013.


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