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Record Fish Caught at Rainbow Bay Resort Since 1999

Updated June 2021

  Species Angler Length
Weight Date
Joe got this great fish on a plug in the weeds. Largemouth
Joe Gadd 21 1/2 6 lb 8 oz July 2001
Tyler caught and released this trophy bass in our bay.  He was using a spinner bait. Largemouth
Tyler Jackson 22 5 lb 8 oz Aug 6, 2005
Bill Edwards 13 1/2 unknown June 18, 2006
Dave R. caught and released this very nice 40-inch northern pike on Benoit Lake, October 1, 2019.  This established a new resort-record!  Congratulations David R! Northern Pike David Rupsch 40 unknown Oct 1, 2019
Dave Broertjes caught and released this 52 inch musky; his wife Carolyn netted the fish. Musky Dave Broertjes 52
40 lb
(estimated from length)
June 8, 2011
Jackie netted this nice musky that I caught and released on Benoit Lake, June 2014. Musky Dave Caithamer 52 unknown June 22, 2014
Martin and Deanna caught this beautiful 42.5-tiger musky on Benoit Lake, June 24, 2011.  They released the fish. Tiger Musky (musky x northern pike hybrid) Martin Vota 42.5 21.9 lb (estimated from length) June 24, 2011
Dave and his son, John, have caught some great walleyes in our lake. Walleye Dave Broertjes 29 1/4 8 lb 8 oz June 22, 2002
Phil Czapar set the resort-record with this 15-inch crappie, June 23, 2021. Black Crappie Phil Czapar 15 unknown June 22, 2021
I caught this nice gill on a waxie off the deep edge of the weedline. Bluegill Dave Caithamer 9 3/16 8 oz Aug 16, 2005
Nate Gassen with a 9.5 inch pumpkinseed he caught on Benoit Lake on May 26, 2009.  He was using a worm and a bobber. Pumpkinseed Nate Gassen 9 1/2 unknown May 26, 2009
Bluegill -Pumpkinseed Hybrid Dave Roberts 9 3/8 11 oz June 12, 2007
Congratulations Dave on a new resort record fish! Rockbass Dave Rupsch 10 3/4 0.83 pounds June 20, 2015
Wayne Crist caught this nice yellow perch on a beetle spin.  It was a windy and warm day. Yellow Perch Wayne Crist 11 1/2 unknown June 8, 2012
Green Sunfish Hannah Beimema 6 unknown July 4, 2007
With the help of his wife Carolyn, Ray Bortle caught and released this monster bowfin on Benoit Lake.  It was an exciting afternoon for them! Bowfin Ray Bortle 33 unknown July 9, 2007
  Bullhead Mary Czapar 14 unknown May 31, 2005

These are the official record fish caught by guests of our resort, or members of our family since the spring of 1999.  If you catch a new record, let me take a couple of measurements and get a photo before you release (hopefully) or clean the fish.  Good fishing!